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Eat and Sleep Music (EASM) is for people who are passionate about music. Whether you are a hardcore fan or a professional in the industry, we offer a wide selection of high quality, comfortable gear that will help express your love for music.
For the artist, Eat and Sleep Music represents all the hard work and dedication that goes into making music, the courage to go and promote it, and even the disappointment doing your very first performance when nobody shows up to see you. Founder of EASM and longtime music fan, A.H. Wilson says “We understand the grind part. We understand what you go through on a daily basis as an upcoming artist and the hard work that goes into being an A&R. We understand the culture as a whole. I created this company because I love music!”
EASM has a goal to bring all music genres together like a professional sports league. When you rock Eat and Sleep Music apparel, it’s like wearing the jersey of your favorite team. For us, music is the team and EASM is the jersey. Eat and Sleep Music is what you wear before the red carpet when you are doing sound check onstage, in the garage practicing a new song, or when you want to be comfortable in the studio laying down your next dope track.
So, whether you’re a music fan who listens to music all day, every day or you’re an industry professional who lives and breathes it, Eat and Sleep Music is the spot you can keep coming back to get the latest gear for the team. We don’t just listen to music here, we wear it! Welcome to Eat and Sleep Music.

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